Server Update - Fixes!
21 Dec 2019
1. All buffs/dances/songs which are provided by the NPC Buffer have a duration of 1 hour.
2. Karma bug fixed
3. Recommendation bug fixed.
4. Berseker Spirit Buff is added to the buff list.
Major Changes - Updates!
14 Dec 2019
1. The special NPC Buffer will provide her services to everyone!
2. There are no premium private store areas anymore. Everyone can set his/hers store wherever he/she likes.
3. Fishing NPC – Quest is fixed!
4. Class Change Master does not require a premium account anymore!
5. Visual access to the premium store for everyone.
6. Trade Chat is available for all users.
7. New Geodata applied.
Community Request Approved
14 Dec 2019
Hello players and welcome to L2 Solar! Concerning the NPC Buffer and the request which we received in order to change the access on him, we would like to inform you about the Administration Team's decision.

During the day, server is going to make a quick restart in order to change the usage priviledge on the NPC Buffer and make it available for all users!

The goal of that quick decision is to shape a nice and friendly environment for all of you!!

Furthermore, some more changes will be made in order to improve the server's situation!

Please visit for more details.

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